Lithium Battery Models

 Lithium battery models have not suffered as much negative publicity because they have been specifically made for the developed markets.

People associate Lithium batteries with higher quality overall, however the high cost of the battery has meant that this mode of transport has not really reached the mainstream transport market in the same way as gasoline scooters. 

System-handheld-Tester-300x300.jpgThe difference of the Lithium electric delivery Scooters is now mainly in the Battery, but as the cost is higher it has meant the overall specification is generally higher.

Because of the lighter weight the use of removable batteries has also allowed people living in high rise to be able to take the battery to the charger rather than charging in the scooter.

The efficient use of the battery and the reduced size means bigger batteries can be used also allowing for larger motors and controllers.

Development by Ecokargo Electric delivery scooter factory of the batteries now allow for rapid charge where a battery can be charged in less than 20 minutes, but the cost of this technology is still limited because the cost is much higher.